Streaming Video Recorder

Streaming Video Recorder 6.4

Record video streams from websites and convert to selected format

Streaming Video Recorder does much more than what its name suggests for this application supports not only recording video but also downloading, editing and converting clips. You may think that, because it allows so many different operations, this tool is difficult to use. Nothing farther from the truth as it is even appropriate for inexpert users.

The program has multiple tabs that serve to compartmentalize its different features so you can always know where to go next. Its first tab is a download manager, which you can use to grab internet video in a safe way. It allows pausing and resuming transfers. It can also strip the real link to the desired file, and luckily, there is a long list of supported video-sharing sites. Likewise, the manager allows downloading both video and audio in batches.

If you do not know the link to the page where the file is stored, then it is a good idea to use the built-in browser. Like most modern browsers, it has various tabs and supports searching. Luckily, you can even set it to emulate IE, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, iOS and Android. The biggest advantage of using this feature is that it can automatically detect downloadable contents.

The application also allows recording directly from the screen, a solution when the desired clips cannot be downloaded as a file, such as the case of streaming video. In this regard, there are various modes in which you can select the screen area to grasp. In addition, the tool can capture video from a webcam together with audio from a microphone or the sound card.

Streaming Video Recorder can also be used to convert between media formats. Luckily, it supports an extensive list of file extensions. In order to help you make appropriate decisions regarding compatibility with the intended device, the program comes with multiple output presets. Not only can the program convert media but also edit video files. Some basic editing operations are allowed, such as merging clips, extracting segments, changing the soundtrack, embedding subtitles and adding watermarks. Regarding this, I highly appreciate the possibility of extracting various fragments from the same source video.

All in all, Streaming Video Recorder has the main advantage of being very versatile. It is like a Swiss knife for the common user to deal with video. Unfortunately, there is little integration among the different parts of the application. For example, you cannot add a downloaded video to the conversion list. The features of this product can be tried at no cost, but it has some limitations related to the impossibility of downloading more than one video simultaneously and converting more than two minutes of each file.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very versatile
  • Support of a large number of formats
  • Built-in Internet browser
  • Basic video editing features
  • Multi-trimming feature
  • Captures streaming video
  • Records from the screen


  • Little integration among the different parts
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